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PO Box 38 Glenwood, NM 88039
(575) 539-2711
PO Box 488 • Reserve, NM 87830
(575) 533-6211

Listing Your Property with ...

P.O. Box 38
Glenwood, NM 88039
or (505) 539-2711
Fax: (505) 539-2722
Reserve Realty
P.O. Box 488
Reserve, NM 87830
or (505) 533-6211
Fax: (505) 533-6213

We'd like to welcome you to our site and our realty offices. This page is designed to provide information about the way we conduct our business.

Our style and technique are like no other in this area. We're fair, honest, and courteous to both our clients and our customers. Let us tell you what we do that makes our agencies the most well-organized, efficient, and best advertised real estate agencies in the area.

Why Should You Consider Listing with our offices?
We are the Best & Friendliest Real Estate Agencies Around! We invest in our business so we can do our best to advertise and represent your property and YOU.

Important Aspects of our Business

  • Area Knowledge
  • County-Wide Offices
  • Booklets
  • Informational Briefs, Inserts & Flyers
  • Monthly Updates
  • Company Advertisements
  • Internet Access
  • Equipment & Computer Hardware

  • We Know the Area...
    We have a long history in this area. Our Qualifying Broker, Darrel Allred, is the third generation of his family to have lived here all his life. In addition, all of our sales people and office personnel are local residents and have a vast combined knowledge of the areas we serve.

  • County-Wide Offices...
    We maintain offices in two communities, Glenwood and  Reserve, in order to effectively represent our clients. Prospective buyers in these communities will find themselves in at least one of our offices. Our home town staff is very knowledgeable of the area and can usually answer any questions visitors might have.

    We have good working relations with other real estate offices outside our county. We co-broker property with many other real estate agents throughout the  States of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas.  These agents routinely send us buyers from their area to ours.

  • Booklets...
    We organize and manufacture personalized booklets with all of our current listings for our offices; this way we can quickly update our listings. It takes only a few minutes to add a new listing or alter an existing one. We display a photo of the listed property along with a brief description. Booklets are handed out at every office location and many of the restaurants and businesses in the area so your property is presented throughout the county. We strive to keep a detailed list of who receives a booklet and report it to our clients on a general report sent out every month. This gives our clients a good idea of who is interested in property in our area.

  • Informational Briefs, Inserts & Flyers...
    Along with the property write-up (description posted on the Internet and in the booklet) people sometimes need additional, more detailed information about the listed property. We put such information into a document we call a "brief". A brief contains much information such as the physical description, acreage, elevation, taxes and what the terms are for that particular piece of property. Flyers providing the property write up and pictures are attached to the brief. Inserts provide much of the same information in a more compact version along with more pictures. When people receive a any additional information on a listed property, their name and date is displayed on the client's monthly update sheet. Briefs are also available on our Internet web site along with plat maps, layouts, and pictures of your property. We try and represent every aspect of your property.

  • Monthly Updates...
    We like to keep our clients as informed as possible about what is happening with their property. Often the seller is not informed regarding who is calling or coming in asking about properties like theirs or if their property has been asked to be shown. We like to answer questions with our monthly updates. We report to you every transaction involving your property on this report. We tell you who we have discussed your property with, who we have handed out or mailed information to, who we've shown or printed out pictures for, who we have physically gone out and shown this property to, and any other information we think pertinent to the progress of selling your property. Also in this monthly update, we report to you all of our monthly advertising.

  • Company Advertising...
    Sometimes we advertise our listings with New Mexico Magazine, which comes out monthly; and our ranches in the Western Livestock Journal Magazine, which comes out quarterly.  We often place general ads in the New Mexico Stockman & Farm Magazine. Sometimes we will place specific properties in other magazines, newspapers and publications. For instance, in 2002 we placed an advertisement with Robb Report and the Wall Street Journal. Please contact us for a current list of all available advertising opportunities with our real estate offices.

  • Internet Access...
    We have our own web site where we feature all of our properties. The web site was designed by Jodi Faust and maintained by Misty Riegel. This way, changes are possible within minutes. The web site has proved most beneficial to our agencies. Many people access our site every month. Our address is listed in every advertisement we place. Furthermore, people can access our web site through other hyperlinks on the Internet.  Our web site is regularly registered with over 1,000 search engines and directories — including, Excite, Yahoo!, WebCrawler, AOL Netfind, Lycos, Infoseek, and more top-rated search engines and directories! So our name is circulating on the Internet, and if people want to know what's for sale in this area, they will look at us and find YOU!

  • Equipment & Computer Hardware...
    We have a full range of office equipment to fulfill any requirement you may ask of us. We have several Pentium processors with ample hard drive memory for great software capabilities. We have a scanner to scan documents, photos, etc.; color copier for crisp, vivid copies of any photo or flyer; a fax for quick and convenient processing; voice mail so we don't miss an important call; e-mail to send and receive information and photos of your property; several digital cameras to snap current and vivid photos of your property in all seasons which are then easily downloaded to our computers and quickly put into our booklet, uploaded onto the Internet, or viewed by our customers in a demonstrative slideshow.

We have 1 Qualifying Broker, and 2 Associate Brokers assisting our offices. We employ full-time personnel at all our offices so you will be greeted with a friendly voice, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm MST. We also take appointments on Saturday and Sunday.

We show property 7 days a week!

  • We have a good working rapport with the State Engineer and good knowledge of water right procedures.

  • We can do closing worksheets right in our office!!!

  • Our businesses take pride in their communities.

When you've decided to list your property, we encourage you to compare us with any other real estate business in the area. We are confident you will discover that we are the most WELL-ORGANIZED, EFFICIENT, AND BEST ADVERTISED REAL ESTATE BUSINESS IN SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO!

Give us a shot at selling your property!

How Do I List?
Simply click on the email logo below and give us your contact information and a brief description of the property you wish to sell. We will be in touch with you once we have read over the information. Or you can give us a call at any of our offices.

What sort of Information Do You Need to Supply?
To start, just the area you are in approximate acreage, size of home, etc.. We will contact you if we need any additional information.


Michelle "Misty" Riegel, Qualifying Broker
License #15028 & #19095

Darrel Allred, Qualifying Broker
License #13489 & #13822
Glenwood Realty
P.O. Box 38
Glenwood, NM 88039
 (575) 539-2711
Reserve Realty
P.O. Box 488
Reserve, NM 87830
 (575) 533-6211